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Jack Knife House
Jack Knife House is a two story structure with living quarters at ground level and a studio work space above, located on a small, narrow residential lot in Venice, California. The house consists of two bars, one atop the other, with the upper turned 90 degrees and opened like a jack knife. The house stands as a pavilion within the confines of the garden. An open plan defines the ground level, which continues outside through floor-to-ceiling walls of glass. The second level cantilevers over the first, forming an outdoor living room below and roof terrace to its side. Folded planes articulate the spaces, in-filled with glass, and giving way to perimeter foliage and borrowed landscape beyond.
Mott Street Studio
Mott Street Studio, located in New York City, is a conversion of two small flats into one long sunny space in an old brick tenement building on a quiet block off the Bowery. A warren of rooms were removed to create an open plan, reorienting the space along its 50 foot length, and capturing light from eight large east facing windows. Spaces are articulated by Douglas fir and translucent Plexiglas cabinetry, which in turn act as light sources for the new spaces. An extremely tight budget monitored the project, but the net effect is grand.

3/1 House
The 3/1 House addresses the challenges of the post-war nuclear family starter home adapted to the needs of today’s single professional. The standard three bedrooms/ one bath house, including separate Kitchen, Dining and Living quarters, defined (and limited) the original structure. While budget restrictions necessitated the original house envelop to remain, a complete gutting and reconfiguring of the interior spaces was possible. The result: one large “living” room, one big sunny bathroom, a quiet bedroom, and a home office. Further out, the landscape and garden plan form outdoor rooms, which both augment and expand the light filled interior spaces, and (ironically) the vintage mid-century furnishings.

Rosenfeld House
The Rosenfeld House sits on a winding street in the wooded Hollywood Hills, where cut-and-fill lots form miniature pads from which houses perch and crane for city views. The form of the Rosenfeld House reflects the confluence of this hillside morphology. The house’s ground level acts like a plinth, holding the most public living spaces, where precious views are captured through focused window cuts. This public base holds the most private spaces above, a second level Master Bedroom suite, where walls of glass and sculptural floating beams articulate an upstairs terrace and frame larger, fuller views beyond. At its most public, the house encloses protectively. At its most private, it opens to invite the city in.

The Adler House
The Adler House is a three level town house sitting on the view side of a steep and narrow street in the Bernal Heights district of San Francisco. The house commands tremendous views over the city to the bay and Oakland beyond. These views focuses the house toward the east, where an open plan of middle level public rooms connect to the street, smaller upstairs bedrooms perch like nests in the treetops, and a downstairs Master Bedroom suite opens to an intimate garden.
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